Joan and Gordon

I was introduced to the fabulous world of scrapbooking in 2001 by a friend who was a Creative Memories' Consultant.   Inspired by CM's mission statement, "preserving mem-

ories for generations to come,"'  in 2003 I 

joined CM as a consultant; followed my heart and pursued my passion!  

Over the next year I noticed that there were many scrapbookers that enjoyed other forms of crafting.  I thought that maybe more of my clients might like to be exposed to different crafts and techniques inspiring them to take what they learned and incorporate those skills in their other crafting projects in a fun, non-threatening environment.  Thus, Creative Rendezvous was born!!

With the support of my family, I organized larger weekend crafting groups in the St. Louis area.   Local direct sales business owners & craft shop owners were recruited to teach classes or present  new techniques to my clients at these retreats.   

Young Couple

Creative Rendezvous gives you an opportunity to try new crafts and ideas without investing a lot of time and money.  At the end of the class, you been exposed to something new and can continue with your teacher if desired.

We would love to have you join us for a night, day or whole weekend!  We are sure you will have a wonderful time and leave inspired!

Joan and Gordon Brooks